Recent Services - Video

We strive to put our most recent services online as soon as possible, so that you may be able to have new services available for viewing, studying and learning. Our staff is here to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page. May Yahweh bless the sincere seeker of truth. The services below are in video format; however, they are also available in just audio, if you prefer.

Date Speaker Title
6/18/22 Deacon Brad Merz
Elder Derrick Page
Expounding on Job 42
Sermon: These Are Hard Sayings--Who Can Hear It?
6/11/22 Deacon Brad Merz
Elder Ed Burgett
Sermonette: Discernment
Sermon: The Red Heifer Ordinance
Elder Rene' Meneses
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: Light Is Order;
Sermon: Why Are We Here
6/4/22 Brother Ben Burgett
Deacon Roger Anderson
Sermonette: Inheritance & Deliverance;
Sermon: We Are Chosen
5/28/22 Elder Derrick Page
Elder Mike Wardlow
Sermonette:  Lessons in the Count to Pentecost
Sermon: Angels Among Us
5/21/22 Deacon Glenn Eberly
Elder Rene' Meneses
Sermonette:  Living on the Edge
Sermon: Proper Adoption
5/14/22 Elder Mike Greene
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette:  The Importance of Yahweh's Name
Sermon: Seven Reasons to Keep the Sabbath
5/7/22 Deacon Roger Anderson
Elder Ed Burgett
Sermonette:  Counting to 50
Sermon: Benefits
4/30/22 Elder Ed Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Expounding on Job 29 & 30
Sermon: A Living Sacrifice
4/2/22 Elder Ed Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Expounding on Job 21
Sermon: A Living Faith
3/5/22 Elder Ed Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Expounding on Job 16
Sermon: The Living Word of a Living Elohim
2/12/22 Elder Ed Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette:  Job 13
Sermon:  Lively Stones
1/22/22 Elder Ed Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette:  Job 10
Sermon:  A Lively Hope
Last Day
Brother Jeff Henderson
Elder Mike Wardlow
Sermonette: The Anointing at Bethany
Sermon: Helpful Keys for a Successful Prayer Life
First Day
Elder Rene' Meneses
Elder Derrick Page
Sermonette: The Cost of Carrying Our Stake
Sermon: Passover, Circumcision & Baptism
Deacon Roger Anderson
Elder Mike Greene
Sermonette:  The Resurrection of Messiah
Sermon: Bunny Tails or Bunny Trails
  Special Passover Edition


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    Some have asked us how we "confirm" the sighting of the new moon.  We either see it ourselves (observe=to look at) or wait until we have confirmation from veteran (experienced) new moon watchers. Please contact us with your new moon reports. It will help everyone who comes here for notifications!! 

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