About Elder Traina

Angelo Benedetto Traina
January 22, 1889 - November 4, 1971

     Elder Traina was born in 1889 in Sicily. He came to the United States with his parents, brothers and sisters at the age of eleven. He attended school in Brooklyn, New York, and was raised among boys who later became the country's most notorious gangsters. At the age of 12, he began to learn the barber trade and worked after school and weekends. In the fall of 1913, he left Brooklyn to make a new life, leaving New York on foot, earning a living on farms or anything he could get to do. Finally, he reached a small town near Buffalo and rented a small store that had a one chair barber shop with a room in the back for living quarters. Soon the young boys of the town began to gather in the evening to play cards and drink. The parents became so worried they began to pray and a revival broke out in the Methodist church. One night the boys began to talk about the revival and Elder Traina asked what it meant and they said, "Let's go--we'll fill our pockets with small potatoes and everyone that gets religion will get a shower." So they filled their pockets with potatoes and sat in the back of the church. The preacher knew they were there to make trouble so he opened the Bible and began to read. It turned out that that preacher had the better weapons, the Words of Yahweh and they began to cut. They would make a move to leave, but the Word was like a two-edged sword on his ears and the tears began to flow. Elder Traina later said, "I felt he was speaking directly to me." He got out of his seat and walked to the altar and the elders gathered around to pray for him. He heard others say, "We'll give him two weeks." That started a lifetime of devotion to Yahweh's Word.

     Elder Traina was called to Irvington, New Jersey, in 1927 and from there contacted Brother C. O. Dodd in 1936. Elder Dodd had found "The Faith" magazine the following year and Elder Traina became the Corresponding Editor. Over the years, many of his writings first appeared in "The Faith." A man had come to the Irvington assembly who did not like the words "christ" and "christian," but didn't know why. That set John Briggs and Elder Traina to searching and they found the Name, Yahweh. From that small beginning, the movement had grown.

     Elder Traina had insisted he could not write, but a high school teacher in 1936 persisted and he began to write. Today, there are many booklets and tracts that have gone all over the world. His sermons have been put on wire, then on tape, since 1947 and many souls have come to the knowledge of the truth by them.

     The Sacred Name New Testament was printed in 1950 at a cost of $6,000.00 and the Holy Name Bible was printed in 1963, at a cost of $34,000.00, of which he never asked for a penny; yet the money was in before it came off the press.

     Elder Traina fell asleep in Messiah on November 4, 1971 after being quite weak for several months following a slight cerebral hemorrhage earlier that year. Elder Traina truly lived a life dedicated to the word of Yahweh. He set a good example for us and we can thank our Heavenly Father for the legacy he has left us.

     Here you will find many of his writings.



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