Over the past years, all printing costs have escalated including the cost of paper, ink, and the like in addition to postal rates. We have now put almost all of our publications online to enable you, the sincere seeker of Truth, to have them available. However, there are instances where hard copies are nice to have whether it be to carry along or to distribute to others. We do not, and will not, SELL Yahweh's words; however, we do need and appreciate donations to help offset the cost of preparing and mailing same. Therefore, you will notice below suggested donations for specific items which is what we have come up with to cover the costs.  You may order three items without any cost, excluding the large publications,  God Diety of the Nations, Testimonies of the Twelve Patriarchs, The Hard Sayings of Paul, and Treasure in the Field. Payment may be made through PayPal (see  left), or by check or money order. Your order will not be shipped until payment is confirmed. Of course, if you have any questions or would like to make bulk orders you may contact our office to discuss it (click here).


We have listed below various booklets, mini-booklets, and trifolds which are available. The suggested donation for the individual booklets is in parenthesis following each title as the cost of preparation varies with size and other criteria. The suggested donation for mini-booklets would be $0.75 each (postage included) and for trifolds, $2.00 per 50. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.


     Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah publishes a bi-monthly magazine called the "Master Key." It is full of articles submitted by many different people all of which should give you, the reader, material to review, study and perhaps even debate over. The first year's subscription is free, all you need do is check the box below. After the first year, your subscription must be renewed with a donation. 

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Bring your tithes and see if I will not pour out such blessings....
(Malachi  3:10)

Thank you for your donation.


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   The sighting of the 9th-month new moon has been confirmed by many--Friday evening, Nov. 5th, 2021.    

   Some have asked us how we "confirm" the sighting of each new moon.  We either see it ourselves (observe=to look at), or wait until we have confirmation from veteran (experienced) new moon watchers. Please contact us with your new moon reports. It will help everyone who comes here for notifications!! 

      We invite all sincere seekers of truth to come for our weekly Sabbath and High Day services beginning at 1:00 pm, followed by a fellowship meal and Bible study!

   In addition, the most current Master Key magazines are online! Click here to read and/or download them!  You may also contact us to request a free one-year subscription!