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Revealing the Lie

     Can you believe we live in a society that would literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars working to keep a 1-½ pound premature baby alive in a hospital room, while on the same floor, three doors down, on the very same day, they are killing a perfectly healthy baby by abortion? Are these the actions of a mature, responsible society, or of a mentally-deranged society?

     Does that world out there really expect us to believe that it’s all right for a “god-fearing people” (as they claim to be) to put up with that kind of reasoning? Can you understand why so many people believe we are getting very close to the end of the age?

     PRO-LIFE or PRO-CHOICE—can you see the inconsistency in labeling a situation like this? Stop and think: If you are pro life, then that means you are in favor of life. If you are not in favor of life, then you are in favor of the opposite of life. We all know that the opposite of life is death, so it is not the Pro-Life or Pro-Choice movement. It is the Pro-Life or Pro-Death movement.

     If there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, why is it necessary to camouflage the name of their movement? Why shouldn’t they come right out and say Pro-Life or Pro-Death? There is no choice in the matter. It’s life or death for that unborn child. 

     So what must we do as a country, or more so, as a world that’s gone astray, in order to get back on the straight and narrow? The first thing I would say is there have to be rules to follow. Someone has to set the standards. In the final analysis, when it comes to complex moral issues the Word of Yahweh should have the final say, not the Supreme Court and a group of men.

     It’s like trying to mix apples and oranges. Man just looks at the legal side of the issue, while Yahweh looks at the moral side of the issue. Man’s laws say abortion is a woman’s right because it’s her body. Does exercising a legal right excuse one from the consequences of committing a moral wrong? Can you see how man’s laws are contradictory?

     It is legal, according to the law, to get an abortion because a fetus is not considered a life or a person. Yet Scott Peterson, in the State of California, was convicted on two counts of murder, one for his wife and a second one for his unborn child.

     How can you possibly have it both ways? Let me give you an example. If you asked a hundred people if murder was wrong, they would all answer “YES”. So then, instead of asking if abortion is legal, we should be asking if abortion is murder. To answer that question we must first ask another: When does life begin and when does an unborn child become alive? Technically, it is always alive. When the live egg is fertilized, it grows. If it was dead at any time, it would not be able to grow. Death does not reproduce life—life does.

     Scientific evidence shows that biological human life is a continual process that begins at conception and ends at death. But does this prove the personhood of a fetus? I believe the Bible is quite clear on this subject. There is no indication anywhere in the Scriptures that Yahweh ever viewed an unborn child as anything but a tiny person. Who knows life better than the Giver of life?

     In Jeremiah 1:5 Yahweh said, I knew you before you came forth out of the womb; I sanctified thee and ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Not only did Yahweh view him as a living person in his mother’s womb, but Yahweh was involved in his development. Also in Psalm 139, the psalmist says, You covered me while I was in my mother’s womb.

     Rebecca had the twins, Jacob and Esau. Genesis 25:22 says that the children struggled together within her.  These were not viewed as unknown, unnamed inhuman objects. They were children—human beings. Yahweh doesn’t seem to have a problem with pro-life or pro-choice. He’s the Creator of life. Yahweh created life at conception. He watches and nourishes it for nine months in the mother’s womb until it is strong enough to be born.

     There seems to be a major misunderstanding in the world. Birth is not what makes a baby a human being; birth just creates a change of residence. Do you think that little person acquired everything on its way through the birth canal, from nothing to something, instantaneously? This tiny person has been developing unseen by human eyes.

     Yahweh created that life, but man wants to say whether it should live or die. And man wants to be the one that determines when it is a legally living thing or not. From conception to death is nothing more than a bunch of different stages of growing up. There is not one trace of evidence in the Bible to support the depersonalization of the unborn fetus.

Supreme Court Decision

     In 1973, the Supreme Court of this land rejected Bible truth, disregarded scientific evidence and just plain betrayed good common sense when they stripped the unborn babies of the sacred right to life. I don’t think Yahweh will overlook this arrogant injustice of man trying to play the Almighty. I don’t believe He will overlook it at all. I would not want to be in their shoes.

     Genesis 2:7 says Yahweh created man of the dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Psalms 104:29 says that Yahweh takes away their breath, they die and return to the dust. Yahweh giveth and taketh away—not man. The Scriptures do not give man the right to determine when life should begin. That privilege belongs to the One Who created life. We seem to forget that we do not create life—we procreate. Without Yahweh, our efforts would be in vain. Some say that the New Testament is silent about the subject of when a fetus becomes more than just a fertile egg. That could not be further from the truth. The New Testament refers to the “entity in the womb” as a living person—a baby.

     Matthew 1:18 says Mary was with child. Luke 1:36 says Elizabeth conceived a son. Look at Luke 1:36: how did the angel know that it was a boy? It was unborn. It was “nothing,” according to man’s reasoning. That word is #1025 in the Greek, brephos, and it means infant, unborn child, babe, young child. Throughout the New Testament, the same word is used for prenatal and neonatal babies. It is translated as “babe” in Luke 1:41, 2:12 and 2:16; as “infant” in Luke 18:15; and as “child” in 2 Timothy 3:15. You can do your own study. The reason they don’t want to do the study is because they’re afraid of what they would find.

     My studies tell me that life begins at conception. That means that abortion is a deliberate, premeditated destruction of an innocent life. In one word, it is MURDER. We have a commandment against that very act. Man’s laws say abortion is a legal right. Yahweh’s laws says it is a moral wrong. Our government may not have anything against it, but our Creator does and someday, someone will have to answer for it. The Bible condemns the shedding of innocent blood.

     I have heard it said that there are pregnancies occurring as the result of a rape—a terrible traumatic incident. I agree that it is a traumatic situation for a woman to go through, but will the taking of an innocent life change that traumatic incident in any way? Does the rape become more acceptable if we kill the unborn child? We should be going after the real cause of this terrible trauma—the rapist. We should not make the unborn baby pay for his crime.

     The sad part is, it’s not the main reason they use abortion today. It is used this day and age as a form of birth control. That’s what makes it so sad. And even sadder yet, by expressing our Bible convictions against such a barbaric act, we are viewed as the weird ones, lacking love and understanding. The change agents, hard at work once again, make wrong right and right wrong.

     Try standing in front of an abortion clinic and protesting what they do. You’re liable to find yourself in jail. They have the right to take a human life, but we do not have the right to disagree and express it.

     I don’t advocate any type of violence, but I will express my verbal views when it comes to killing innocent babies. And I will speak out every time and any time the subject comes up. I don’t think Yahweh would want us to remain silent when we see evil things like this going on. I believe He would be upset to see us stand by and not raise a word of protest. The Patriarchs and the Prophets, Yahshua and the Apostles, all stood up and condemned what was wrong. That is the example I believe we should follow. If enough people stood up and complained about wrongdoings, some of them may be changed.

     A wise man once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good people to do nothing.” Stand up for what is right and you will not stand alone. Yahweh and Yahshua will be standing there with you.  



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