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November-December 2021 Master Key

This newest issue of the Master Key magazine includes articles such as “The Unknown” and “Do You Have the Heart.” You can request an introductory set of DVDs to watch at home, many more articles for your edification, and a free booklet offer—“The Truth About New Year.” Hope you enjoy it as much as we did compiling it! Contact us with any comments and/or questions and may Yahweh bless you as you search for His truth!

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    The 4th new moon was confirmed by 6 brethren in several states on Wednesday, June 29th.   

   Some have asked us how we "confirm" the sighting of the new moon.  We either see it ourselves (observe=to look at) or wait until we have confirmation from veteran (experienced) new moon watchers. Please contact us with your new moon reports. It will help everyone who comes here for notifications!! 

      We invite all sincere seekers of truth to come for our weekly Sabbath and High Day services beginning at 1:00 pm, followed by a fellowship meal and Bible study!

   In addition, the most current Master Key magazines are online! Click here to read and/or download them!  Contact us to request a free, one-year subscription!